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Getting to Know our 2023 Save Your Tooth Month Social Media Endofluencers!

The time has come to profile our 2023 class of Save Your Tooth Month Endofluencers, and we couldn’t be more excited! The following 10 Instagram accounts got uber-creative with their #SYTM2023 posts during the month of May, and we’re thrilled to celebrate the ways they’ve touted our specialty and the importance of saving natural teeth. Check them out, give them a follow, and get inspired to up your own social media game, all year round!  


Practice: Emirates Facial and Dental Implant Centre | Kingston, Jamaica 

Mind(s) behind your feed: Recognition and thanks goes out to my husband, Christopher Beecher @christopher.beecher625 (my #1 supporter and cheerleader) and Humbird Media @humbirdmediaja (my amazing social media managers). 

Why did you decide to be active on social media during Save Your Tooth Month? What effect did it have on you, your patients, or your team? Since becoming an endodontist, my husband has encouraged me to become more active on social media as an avenue to make my presence and availability known. In keeping with this, the SYTM social media campaign provided me with an opportunity to place greater emphasis on the importance of saving one’s teeth. SYTM is not popular in Jamaica, so participating in the campaign helped to bring awareness to my social media followers, my dental staff and my social media team. Being a part of the campaign showed others how much saving teeth really means to me. Participating in the SYTM campaign was also way more fun than just viewing other’s participation from the sidelines. 

Advice for other endodontists? Go for it!!! In this digital age, being a part of social media gives a larger platform for us as dentists/endodontists to get our messages out. Our reach is much greater when we are able to link with more people than we would on a daily face-to-face basis. Like me, you may be very busy, but employing an agency to help with social media—generating and scheduling content—is highly recommended. If it were up to me alone to design and create content, those posts would never leave the idea center of my brain. Shout out to my husband who helps me generate my content and @humbirdmediaja for helping me get my content out there. I give them the thoughts and information and they bring it to life, primarily on Instagram and Facebook. Now I’m looking forward to venturing out into other areas as well, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Favorite SYTM moment? 1. Posting that I would be a speaker at the AAE’s annual meeting held in May (#SYTM). It was and still is a huge honor. 2. Being highlighted in the AAE’s social media stories for being a SYTM participant. It feels good to know that my posts were being seen (proof that the hashtags and tagging do work) 


Practice: North Texas Endodontic Associates | Plano, TX 

Mind(s) behind your feed: Belinda Stewart (Practice Manager); Drs. Antonio Berto, David Witherspoon, John Regan, and Esther Tam 

Why did you decide to be active on social media during Save Your Tooth Month? What effect did it have on you, your patients, or your team? This is something that we normally take an opportunity to post about— “saving teeth” and endodontics. 

Advice for other endodontists? Take time to plan posts ahead of time. The office can get unexpectedly busy and make it harder to be consistent. 

Favorite SYTM moment? We utilize what the AAE provides and also create our own. We like to post pics of our docs or staff, like when they attended AAE23 and we incorporated some of the Save your Tooth Month hashtags. 


Practice: Afton Endodontics | Concord, NC 

Mind(s) behind your feed: Drs. Kathryn Watts, Gregory Gell, Zak James; Marketing Manager Katelyn Rios 

Why did you decide to be active on social media during Save Your Tooth Month? What effect did it have on you, your patients, or your team? We love Save Your Tooth Month! We are passionate about educating people on the importance of saving natural teeth and SYTM is a time dedicated to that. Our team loves to take advantage of the fun themes and interact with our social channels! Our patients visit our social media and get to see our facilities, our team members, and our mission before they even step into our office. We are also able to reach people through social media that might never be our patients! Our hope is that we are educating our viewers about a potentially scary subject in a fun and accurate way. SYTM celebrates the entire essence of what we do at Afton Endodontics! 

Advice for other endodontists? Just like root canals, content creation takes intentional time and focus. Having someone on the team that is dedicated to generating and posting gives the brand a more cohesive look. If you are able to hire someone for this role, we recommend it. However, you can totally create your own content and manage your own channels. Dedicating at least 1 hour a day to social media marketing is a great start! We love Instagram and TikTok most because we enjoy short-form videos. We also use Facebook to keep in touch with most of our referring offices. 

Favorite SYTM moment? We hosted a SYTM2023 Giveaway! We had so many people like, share, and comment on our post across all platforms about saving natural teeth. In our book, that is a huge win! We are also so excited to be named Endofluencers for the second year in a row. YAY! 


Practice: River Street Endodontics | Toronto, Ontario 

Mind(s) behind your feed: Dr. Sara Markovic (endodontist & owner) 

Why did you decide to be active on social media during Save Your Tooth Month? What effect did it have on you, your patients, or your team? There is growing misinformation regarding endodontic treatment. Save your tooth month is a great way to highlight the safe and effective care we provide as specialists in saving teeth and spread the message that teeth are worth saving! 

Advice for other endodontists? Instagram is my favorite platform; it allows you to plan and schedule posts in advance. We work on posts as a team but have one designated team member who is responsible for posting content. Patient cancellations are great times to plan content. 

Favorite SYTM moment? My favorite moments are seeing the posts from colleagues and their team members that are creative and fun! 


Practice: Edgewater Endodontics | Spring Hill, FL 

Mind(s) behind your feed: Robert W. Heydrich, DMD, MS, ABE Diplomate; Justin T. Vice, DMD; entire Edgewater Endodontics team 

Why did you decide to be active on social media during Save Your Tooth Month? What effect did it have on you, your patients, or your team? Our practice has been active on social media for a few years now and Save Your Tooth Month brings extra energy to our posts and content. It’s that time of the year when all our colleagues come together as a community to spread the gospel of Endodontics and Saving Natural Teeth. 

Advice for other endodontists? Just do it… Find something that strikes you as interesting, inspiring or funny as it relates to endodontics or your practice and create a post. Instagram is my platform of choice. It is easy to post content and doesn’t really take a lot of time. However, finding time can sometimes be a challenge. If time is not on your side, consider outsourcing. 

Favorite SYTM moment? Too many to mention, but if I had to pick: first, how Save Your Tooth Month kicked off at AAE23 in Chicago (perfect timing by the AAE Brass); second was seeing the words “Smiles Are Worth Saving” lighting up the Chicago skyline at night—too cool and quite spectacular! 


Mind(s) behind your feed: Behind the profile is AAE member Dr. Charles Kass, hailing from Traverse City, Mich. A returning winner from the 2021 Class of Endofluencers, we interviewed Dr. Kass back then, and he had this to say:
What does Save Your Tooth Month mean to you? In our office, “Save Your Tooth” month represents a second chance, hope and hard work! When a patient comes to our facility, they are usually being referred because their general dentist believes and has hope that the tooth can be saved with root canal therapy. It is our mission to give them the opportunity to do this- to save the tooth. For us, it’s giving someone a second chance at resolving an issue that could potentially cause other problems down the road for their dental health. When you give a patient the ultimatum of root canal therapy or extraction, it is ultimately in their hands to make the decision, but we are here to educate them and be an advocate for saving teeth. It’s hard work, but we love what we do. 

What advice would you have for other endodontists who are trying to up their social media game? I would tell other endodontists to add education along with interesting facts to grab the attention of their followers on social media. People like to learn, they like new information and interesting information. Give them something to think about! If you’re having a tough time doing this, hiring someone to utilize your social media pages is a great alternative to stay present and active in the minds of your followers. 


Practice: Grandville Endodontics | Wyoming, MI 

Mind(s) behind your feed: Dr. Brian Licari (Endodontist/Associate); Alexandra Korte (Social Media Manager) 

Why did you decide to be active on social media during Save Your Tooth Month? What effect did it have on you, your patients, or your team? The American Association of Endodontists provides access to numerous resources that have been extremely helpful as a new endodontist and business owner. For the past two years, my practice chose to participate in social media posts during Save Your Tooth Month to remind patients, referring dentists, and others the crucial role that an endodontist can play in preserving an individual’s natural tooth.  

Advice for other endodontists? I would highly encourage the utilization of social media! It has been a great way to communicate information and increase brand awareness to the general public as well as referring dentists and patients. In addition, it has allowed us to share valuable content that educates, informs and engages those that participate. Several of our posts highlight our team members, which is a wonderful way to build team culture in the workplace and allow referring dentists and patients to learn more about your staff. Our practice has primarily used Facebook and Instagram as social media platforms. However, we hope to start utilizing LinkedIn in the future.  

Favorite SYTM moment? Being able to educate the dental community and engage with patients about the importance of seeing an endodontist to eliminate tooth pain and saving your natural teeth. In the future, we look forward to participating more and utilizing the incredible content the AAE provides for its members during Save Your Tooth Month. We welcomed our third baby on May 8th and since my wife does majority of the social media content for our practice, we did not post as much content as we had hoped for Save Your Tooth Month this year! 


Practice: Amarillo Endodontics | Amarillo, TX 

Mind(s) behind your feed: Dr. James Douthitt and Dr. Kirk Coury 

Why did you decide to be active on social media during Save Your Tooth Month? What effect did it have on you, your patients, or your team? We try to be active all the time, but we up our marketing during this month just to get more word out there on the positive influence Endodontics can have. We also do big referral gifts for offices during this time. 

Advice for other endodontists? Post DAILY—even just a picture. Seeing the same name pop up on your news feed will start to gain attention. Post personal things about staff too, not just about work. Instagram is a favorite, but Facebook gets more traction that I’ve seen. 


Practice: Innovative Endodontics | Mocks Corner & Summerville, SC 

Mind(s) behind your feed: Drs. Bailey Weightman and Monica Estes; Executive Assistant Alicia; PR Director Lisa Joy 

Why did you decide to be active on social media during Save Your Tooth Month? What effect did it have on you, your patients, or your team? Being a referral-based industry, we generally aren’t connecting with patients and the public through direct marketing tactics, but we know everyone is on social, so this is where we can reach everyone easily. We always use Save Your Tooth month as an opportunity to share information about the importance of root canal therapy, fun facts, tips and tricks, and busting common myths about the procedure. Social media provides the best platform to educate our referring offices and patients about what to expect during their visit and gives them an inside look at the daily life in our office. Endodontics is not just about saving teeth; it’s about creating a relationship and changing the narrative surrounding root canals. It is always exciting to see the engagement we get in our posts each year as it gives our team a sense of pride to share what we do with the world. It also gives patients a place to learn about the procedure which can help eliminate fear, which is our ultimate goal! 

Advice for other endodontists? Maintaining a list of at least 15 consistent monthly marketing strategies is key. One of the best resources to use is social media to connect with our referring offices and their team members. We find that they look forward to checking our page for weekly updates, quotes, videos, and fun contests we host each month! We always plan our content at least a month ahead using an excel spreadsheet. We highlight special occasions and holidays, team member birthdays and work anniversaries. Dedicating time each month to ensure we have a plan for the content we want to post is key. Having a team member that is creative to take fun pictures around the office helps ensure we have a pile of photos and videos to use each month. Facebook and Instagram are our favorite platforms to use as we can follow our referring office’s pages to keep them up to date on what’s new with our office. 

Favorite SYTM moment? This year’s Save Your Tooth Month was particularly special for our team as it coincided with the launch of our second office location! We were so thrilled to promote our grand opening event while celebrating our ability to “Save more teeth around the Summerville, SC area with our new office location!” 


Practice: Kauai Endodontics | Lihue, HI 

Mind(s) behind your feed: Joseph H. Chu, DD; Maile Welsh (social media coordinator and dental assistant); Paulina Zulueta of Slingshot Outsourcing (social media manager) 

Why did you decide to be active on social media during Save Your Tooth Month? What effect did it have on you, your patients, or your team? It was earlier this year when we decided to be active and build our brand presence on social media. We all worked together during Save Your Tooth Month to spread the truth about root canals and educate our audience about what goes on at Kauai Endodontics. Social media is also one avenue where our patients and partner clinics on the island get to know us better outside the busy clinic. Those who see our posts also get to see our actual smiles through photos of us without our face masks on! 

Advice for other endodontists? Find people you can trust to create content WITH you. Working on social media is always a team effort; you don’t have to do all of it alone. We always collaborate on what to post. The bulk of the work goes to Pau since it’s always very busy in the office. is abundant with resources an endodontist can work with to create graphics and informative videos or reels. It’s where Pau gets most of the information she uses in social media posts. 

Favorite SYTM moment? One of our favorite #SYTM2023 posts is of a 3D animation of a root canal we shared on Instagram Reels. We find Reels to be one of our favorite kinds of content. Reels are fun to watch and the audience engages with these short videos more than most static posts.

Another type of post Pau loves to make is a carousel, which is like a slideshow of photos in one Instagram post. We usually make Instagram carousel posts of informative content that discuss processes, provide benefits of procedures, and FAQs.

(In the photo we’ve included, you will see that we recently met face-to-face with our team from Slingshot Outsourcing in the Philippines!)