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A New Day: AAE Connection Open Forum to Launch June 9

Dear members,

It’s a new day for the AAE open forum community. June 9 marks our official transition to the full AAE Discussion Open Forum. I’d like to firstly thank you for your enlightening participation in our COVID-19 community these past several weeks. I hope you’ve found it useful. Although the pandemic has certainly taken center stage in all of our professional lives, our full Discussion Open Forum transition goalpost remained firmly in place. Therefore, I’d also like to thank our Special Committee for Connection, who have worked tirelessly to optimize this experience for all members, as well as the AAE staff who have devoted much of their time to this undertaking.

The better-than-ever AAE Discussion Open Forum is a place to connect and exchange resources related to the endodontic specialty. I am also thrilled to unveil a unique new opportunity to contribute blog posts: AAE Connection is a space for collaboration and knowledge sharing, where every AAE member is encouraged to share insights that advance the endodontic specialty. If you have written content that you believe would benefit the endodontic community, we’d love for you to share that information as a blog post.

I look forward to the stimulating discussion that is to come. We need your collaboration now more than ever. Let’s forge ahead together and keep our specialty strong.

Alan H. Gluskin, D.D.S.