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AAE Digital Efforts Reach Millions: December 2016 By the Numbers

In 2016, the AAE’s digital communications reached millions of members, other dental professionals and patients. Through its strategic approach to engage online, more people than ever used the AAE website to find an endodontist and learn about endodontic procedures, interacted with the Association through social media and watched out patient education videos.

Nearly 3.4 million people visited the AAE website in 2016, a 27 percent increase over 2015. They visited more than 5.2 million pages, up 19 percent. The vast majority of those pages, 3.8 million, were to the patient education section of

Through the AAE’s participation in Google Grantspro, an application-only advertising program that offers free search engine advertising, the Association used nearly $1,000 in free Google ads in 2016, driving patients to the AAE website for root canal information and to find an endodontist. More than nearly 55,000 visitors used the Find an Endodontist search engine. The Find an Endodontist search engine is a valuable member benefit to direct patients to AAE-member endodontists.

On Facebook, our fans grew 82 percent over 2015, and we are approaching 20,000 followers. Posts made 4.4 million impressions, an increase of 44 percent over the year prior. Patient education and other videos posted to Facebook garnered 130,000 views. On YouTube there were more than 316,000 views of AAE videos.

The AAE continues to grow its presence on Twitter, using this social media channel primarily to educate and reassure patients. In 2016, our Twitter followers grew 47 percent and our tweets made about 266,000 impressions.

On LinkedIn, we saw growth of 23 percent, with 147,000 impressions in 2016, peaking around the time of the AAE annual meeting. The vast majority of our LinkedIn audience is in the health care field, and we use this channel to share clinical resources and information that will be helpful to the dental profession.

The December By the Numbers report shows steady activity from November, both of which are typically slow months due to the holidays. We are happy to report slight increases in December in visits to the patient pages of the AAE website and an uptick in Find an Endodontist searches.

The AAE recently surveyed the public to learn more about today’s use of the internet to find health-related information and to gauge the current awareness of endodontists as root canal specialists. The Public and Professional Relations Committee, which oversees the AAE’s digital communications efforts, will review the research at its upcoming meeting in February, discuss next steps and share the findings with you.