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AAE Member Honored With Prestigious Award During XX COSAE Meeting

From left to right: Dr. Ana Laura Rosa (President, Argentina Endodontic Association), Dr. Sergio Kuttler, and Dr. Georgina Santangelo (President, XX COSAE Meeting)

On June 29, 2023, during the XX COSAE Meeting (Argentina Endodontic Association) an AAE member was honored with their prestigious award of Honorary Membership. Dr. Sergio Kuttler, of Plantation, Fla., received this award for his contributions to Endodontics and Endodontology. Over the 70 years that the Argentina Endodontic Association has been in existence, only 16 Endodontists have received esteemed honor, with Dr. Kuttler being the 17th awardee. Some previous prominent Endodontic stalwarts recognized in this manner include Drs. Louis Grossman, Oscar Maisto, Margarita Muruzabal, and Fernando Goldberg. Dr. Grossman, often known as the “Father of Modern Endodontics” had a major impact on the development of Endodontics as a specialty in Argentina.