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AAE Members React to ‘Endodontists Rising’ Dental Trends Report

A recent report, commissioned by the AAE and based on insurance claims data analyzed by Fluent, recently unveiled an intriguing narrative. It tells a story of expertise and the enduring value that endodontists bring to dentistry. General practitioners (GPs) have been gaining patient and treatment share across various dental specialties, except one – endodontics.

The news has AAE members smiling.

AAE member Dr. Sara Markovic expressed, “It is both validating and reassuring to learn that more patients are seeking out endodontists for their treatment. It speaks volumes about the work that the AAE is doing to promote our specialty to both the public and our referring dentists. A great win for our specialty!”

The Unyielding Fortitude of Endodontists

The comprehensive analysis brought to light a remarkable trend that has been playing out in the dental industry since 2019. The data not only showcased the resilience of endodontists but also highlighted emerging opportunities in the field.

While GPs have made inroads into categories like periodontics, implants, oral surgery, and orthodontics, they have not significantly infiltrated the domain of endodontics. This phenomenon underscores the enduring importance of endodontists in dental care. As Dr. Derek Peek, another dedicated member of the AAE, notes, “I liked reading that the number of retreatments is going up, maybe suggesting that general dentists are seeing implant failures and now realizing that endodontic retreatment has a better chance of success in an endodontist’s hands vs. an extraction and implant.”

Dr. Lauren Belous also weighed in on the findings, stating that they “were extremely encouraging, especially for endodontists who are new to the field and/or early in their careers. In an ever-changing dental landscape, seeing that endodontics is growing in importance in the eyes of both of our target demographics: patients and general practitioners, is extremely encouraging. This data further underscores the value of our clinical efforts and outreach locally as well as the AAE’s marketing and educational initiatives nationally. Overall, the trends indicate that endodontists will likely continue to grow in importance as part of the oral health team, ensuring longevity of our careers and passions.”

Webinar Alert!

Join us to explore the latest dentistry trends with a focus on endodontics. Understand that GPs have gained patient and treatment share in all specialty categories, except endodontics, and learn how endodontists have maintained steady growth despite competition.

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Speaker: Michael Urbach, MBA, of Fluent