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AAE Releases Executive Summaries of Endodontic Competency and Treatment Standards White Papers

The AAE recently refined its white papers on competency and treatment standards into executive summaries in order to provide key recommendations and directives to guide the insurance industry, state boards, and other communities of interest to support appropriate endodontic care.

As you may already know, the AAE’s white papers are meant to ensure patients have the best root canal treatment and to assist general dentists in making optimal decisions. Dentists who believe they cannot meet the standards laid out within these documents ought to refer to an endodontist or acquire the necessary skills.

Be sure to view and share these new summaries below:

Endodontic Competency: Executive Summary

Establishes standards for requisite knowledge and skills required by all practitioners for competence in endodontic diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

Treatment Standards: Executive Summary

Assists educational institutions, organized dentistry, and other stakeholders in developing minimum educational requirements and practice standards for nonsurgical endodontic treatment.