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AAE18 Offers Unrivaled Educational Experience, Enjoyable Social Events

By Alan H. Gluskin, D.D.S., AAE18 General Session Chair

Most of us have come to appreciate and recognize that the AAE annual meeting is our specialty’s premier educational and social event. The top-quality educational sessions, our connections to colleagues and friends, and attractive locations have drawn many of us year after year to this unrivaled experience.

While preserving all that is great about this meeting, the Annual Session Planning Committee has made some innovative changes this year that are meant to enhance your overall experience, deliver more value for your time and money, and stir you into a new way of thinking about what it means to be an endodontist in the dental profession today.

For one registration fee, you will gain access to an unmatched educational spectrum from Wednesday through Saturday. The first day’s program will deliver impactful education around the central theme of Controversies and Hot Topics, making it one of the most enlightening opportunities ever offered by the AAE. The theme will elucidate today’s challenges and tomorrow’s solutions with respect to canal cleaning and disinfection. We will highlight contemporary protocols before transitioning to the future potential of multi-sonic canal irrigation and the benefits of using advanced nanoparticles. The second half of the day will include a point-counterpoint, case-based debate on surgical versus nonsurgical retreatment. The day will end with a call to action for endodontists to rethink the way we characterize our treatment outcomes and how we should define the success of our treatments.

On succeeding days in our meeting, you will then have the option of focusing on one interest area within the track format, or picking and choosing among subjects including Surgical. This track will explore newly developed volumetric criteria, investigate root-end surgical failures, introduce guided apical surgery using precision stents, as well as any array of cutting-edge clinical presentations. Endodontics Without Limits will challenge you to overcome the resistance of your mind and many of your preconceptions about how our unique care can benefit our patients. The Interdisciplinary Track will explore our diagnostic dilemmas, technique-sensitive challenges in clinical cases and patient management issues which may require an interdisciplinary approach or the need to educate our partners about the “art of the possible” in saving the natural dentition. The Essentials for Endodontic Practice track returns this year with a wide variety of practice management, health and wellness, personal finance, and marketing presentations. Lastly, of course, our own members’ Submitted Presentations comprised of selections from the AAE18 Planning Committee; these presentations cover a broad and stimulating range of interesting topics.

Visit the meeting website to view all of the track descriptions and videos from the track organizers.

We are particularly pleased with the unique and fun social elements of our meeting. In an effort to embrace the various backgrounds and interests of AAE members, and be responsive to recent member requests, we’ll be offering exciting venues for you to stay healthy, spend time with family and enjoy the company of the AAE community in the natural and healthful beauty of the Denver environs. Whether it’s, Celebrate! Denver at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum; our General Session Keynote speaker Aron Ralston, the fearless adventurer and subject of the film, “127 Hours;” our 5K fun run and walk; or the traditional events we’ve come to enjoy, there truly will be something special for everyone. Be sure not to miss this year’s recognition of AAE award winners, which will take place at the Coolidge Brunch on Saturday morning.

We have only begun to scratch the surface of all that will be available during your stay in Denver.

The selection of this beautiful city will make this four-day event a priceless learning and entertaining experience for you and your peers. We do hope that you embrace all the new features of AAE18 with the same excitement and anticipation of your Planning Committee, and we’ll look for you in beautiful Denver!