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AAE21 Show Daily – Education Sessions Preview

We’re proud to be offering an abundance of high-quality sessions to satisfy your CE requirements. Browse the below for a preview of each exciting track!

Cognitive Dissonance – The Seltzer and Bender Memorial Track

Drs. Sam Seltzer and I.B. Bender, in their infamous 1965 Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology article defined cognitive dissonance “as the existence of views, attitudes, or beliefs which are inconsistent or incompatible with one another but, nonetheless, are held simultaneously by the same person.” Drs. Seltzer and Bender go on to ask: “Is cognitive dissonance present in endodontics? It is our belief that, as scientific evidence accumulates, a greater and greater dissonance is emerging in both the theory and the practice of endodontics. At least, this is true for us, and we would like to share our dissonance with others in the scientific community who perhaps have similar but unexpressed views.”

The purpose of this track is to identify topics in which cognitive dissonance exists in today’s practice of endodontics. We have selected topics with speakers who plan to share their dissonance with the endodontic community and lecture attendees. You will see a variety of topics and novel approaches to treatment and diagnoses discussed, along with current trends or treatment modalities lauded or debunked. Browse track sessions >>

Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain

Effective management of odontogenic pain is an important component of a successful endodontic practice. This track is designed to improve the evidence-based diagnosis and management of odontogenic pain. It includes presentations on neuropathic pain and substance use disorders. It also includes a panel presentation on pharmacological as well as alternative approaches to pain management. Browse track sessions >>

Endodontic Surgery

The Endodontic Surgery Track provides an overview of current advanced procedures in endodontic microsurgery, including guided approaches utilizing stents and dynamic navigation, piezoelectric and bone window techniques, as well as a panel discussion. Attendees will learn about the treatment of large lesions, including decompression procedures, CBCT assessment, soft tissue handling, and pharmacological management. The prognostic aspects of the track review 2D versus 3D healing and updates on surgical prognosis. Browse track sessions >>

Non-Surgical Endodontics

Continuous advancements in root canal disinfection, irrigation, automation, instrumentation, and obturation are progressing rapidly. Treatment planning, preservation of tooth structure, and restorative aspects of endodontics have been brought to endless conversations and utilized in different approaches in the last few years. The non-surgical track encompasses these topics, including imaging, microbiology, pharmacology, and pathology. Please join us for an informative, fact-filled meeting! Browse track sessions >>

Professional Development

The business of operating an endodontic practice efficiently is important to its longevity and profitability. When systems are in place, the doctor can optimize their time on patient care. This track will provide resources and education on compliance and management of your practice. Browse track sessions >>

Pulp Biology and Microbiology

Development of new biocompatible materials have improved the outcome of vital pulp therapy treatments, increasing the options for treatment in both immature and mature teeth. This track will give an overview of the strategies that determine the status of the pulp, the potential of the dental pulp to respond to injury, maintain vitality and function, the limitations of currently available diagnostic tools to identify the true status of the pulp, the extension of the pathology, and the importance of the microbiology involved in endodontic disease. We will also discuss the most recent advances in our understanding of the microbiology and immune responses to endodontic or pulpal infection. This track will identify how vital pulp therapy can become part of the daily armamentarium for endodontists to preserve pulp vitality and delay or prevent the mechanical removal of the pulp during conventional root canal therapy. Browse track sessions >>

Tech 202.1

The use of technology in endodontic practice is often associated with rotary file design, including metallurgy, but also encompassing new strategies for irrigation and disinfection. For example, the development of nanotechnology for decontamination, as scaffolds and for obturation has changed both the chemistry and mechanics of disinfection. More recently, imaging has moved to the forefront in diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes assessment, notably with CBCT and perhaps even MRI. Harnessing biological principles for the purpose of endodontic therapy is highly likely to be part of the technology utilized in the future, and this track will explore that in the areas of immunomodulation, photo-biostimulation, and bioactivity. Browse track sessions >>

Submitted Presentations

Comprised of selections from the AAE21 Planning Committee’s Call for Presentations, these presentations cover a broad range of interesting topics including access preparation to apical surgery. Often paired with sessions similar in topic, sessions range from 45 minutes to 90 minutes in length. Browse track sessions >>