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AAE’s Endodontic Competency White Paper Now Available

Recognizing that there are great variations in general dentists’ endodontic training in dental school, as well as their knowledge, competence, experience, and performance of endodontics in private practice, the AAE developed an Endodontic Competency White Paper to describe the requisite skills required by all dentists, whether recently graduated or experienced. These guidelines are meant to create a context for knowledge and skills that should provide a standard for all practitioners who undertake the responsibility to diagnose, develop treatment plans and provide prognoses for the endodontic care of their patients.

The white paper focuses on three key areas critical to competent endodontic treatment: diagnosis, treatment planning, and prognosis. An AAE special committee created the guidelines to assist educational institutions and organized dentistry in developing minimum educational requirements and skill requisites needed to perform endodontic treatment. The AAE’s goal is a consistent endodontic curriculum that provides predoctoral students with a firmer foundation in the specialty, including a better understanding of the biologic basis of endodontic disease, diagnosis, treatment planning, and prognosis, as well as today’s state-of-the-art techniques and technologies.

Members are encouraged to share and discuss the white paper with their general dentist colleagues so they will be better equipped to evaluate their own clinical skills, patient conditions and treatment options.

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