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Enhancing Our Understanding of Endodontic Research Advances Through Skeletal Biology and Regeneration Literature

By Laura Doherty The main “progenitor” or “stem cell” we acknowledge in the world of endodontics is the dental pulp stem cell (DPSC) residing within the in the pulp. These…

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Infection Control in Regenerative Endodontic Procedures

The traditional treatment of immature teeth with necrotic pulps relied on apexification procedures involving long-term calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2 treatment with multiple visits or on one-step apexification placing an apical plug of a mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA).

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Are Regenerative Endodontic Procedures Working?

There has been an ongoing debate about Regenerative Endodontic (RegEndo) procedures and if they actually work. This ongoing debate stems from the success rates for this procedure, which varies. However, the question always remains: do we know everything about this procedure?

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