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Photo Finish for the Foundation for Endodontics

On Friday, April 12, at AAE19 in Montréal, the Foundation for Endodontics exceeded its $1 million fundraising goal for the 2018-2019 campaign year! Overwhelming support from generous donors helped make this campaign a banner success. Foundation donors are a diverse group, including endodontic clinicians, educators, researchers, residents and industry partners.

During final hours of the campaign in Montréal, the enthusiasm was palpable! Individuals and corporations alike stepped up to make first-time contributions and to increase their existing commitment to the Foundation. For those who were onsite to celebrate our success, it was a thrill to share in the excitement. And to all those celebrating from afar, we appreciate your continued support.

During the 2018 - 2019 campaign, it took the helping hands of many to achieve our goal. In fact,:

  • Residents from more than 40 institutions made their first pledges.
  • A total of seven corporations made five-year pledge commitments to the Foundation.
  • A record number of increased contributions were made by active members of the AAE.
  • More than $100,000 was raised through increased personal commitments from Foundation and AAE board members.
  • EdgeEndo helped close the gap toward the fundraising goal with an additional $40,000 pledge beyond their existing commitments.

The end of our 2018-2019 year does not mark the end of the Foundation's work. We are continually making plans to ensure the success of the specialty, and we thank you for your ongoing support! Funds gifted to the Foundation are invested in a variety of programs to support endodontic research, education, access to care and public awareness efforts. Our mission-driven approach also enhances the specialty by providing resources and funding for a variety of initiatives available to residents, researchers, educators endodontic departments and practitioners. Learn more about how the Foundation ensures a bright future for the specialty!

Thank you to all the Foundation’s generous donors! Your support helps strengthen the future of endodontics.