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Register for AAE’s Upcoming Town Halls!

We have reached a critical point in our information gathering process ahead of our proposed governance changes for the 2022 General Assembly. AAE’s Town Hall meetings on November 30 and December 14 are two unique chances to be a part of meaningful discussion that will ultimately shape our governance — and the AAE’s future.

To help accommodate busy schedules, we are offering two different meetings — which will be identical in terms of content.

A Recap:
Our goal is to allow for a more efficient Board that is robust and varied in its makeup and expertise — in essence, a Board that better represents our membership.

Our revamped process focuses on gathering member input and taking the organization’s culture and history into account. This is your Board Transformation Initiative.

How to Participate:
Participation in these virtual meetings is FREE and strongly recommended.

Voting members have received an email that includes registration links for both Nov. 30 and Dec. 14. You must first register in order to obtain a meeting link and enter the meeting.

Questions? Please email

Visit to learn more about this endeavor.


Dr. Alan Gluskin, Chair
Dr. Mark B. Desrosiers
Dr. Katherine A. Divine
Dr. Keith V. Krell
Dr. Linda G. Levin
Dr. Sandra Madison
Dr. Mbachan C. Okwen
Dr. Rodney V. Scott
Dr. Denis E. Simon III
Dr. Fiza Singh
Dr. Elizabeth Perry, Board Liaison
-Special Committee on the Board Transformation Initiative