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Debuting the Save Your Tooth Month GPT!

Ahead of May, we are excited to introduce our newest innovation designed to support our members and enhance public engagement: the Save Your Tooth Month GPT.

The exciting new add-on to our Save Your Tooth Month toolkit was announced during an AAE24 session led by AAE’s Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Kim FitzSimmons. This specialized digital assistant is here to enhance how members can  spread the word about the importance of endodontic care and the role of endodontists in dental health. When logged in to ChatGPT Plus, you can find our new GPT by searching “save your tooth month”:

What is the Save Your Tooth Month GPT?

The Save Your Tooth Month GPT is a state-of-the-art chatbot powered by advanced AI, tailored specifically to support the initiatives of Save Your Tooth Month. It’s crafted to assist not just our members—endodontists—but also to educate the public on the critical role endodontists play in saving natural teeth.

How Can the GPT Help Our Members?

1. Instant Information Dispenser:

  • Whether it’s detailed patient care information or tips on practice management, the GPT provides accurate, up-to-date responses to a variety of queries.

2. Engagement Booster:

  • With the GPT, members can generate compelling content for social media, including posts, blogs, and educational materials that highlight the vital work of endodontists. This content is not only engaging but also tailored to promote widespread awareness about the significance of saving natural teeth.

3. Resource for Patient Interaction:

  • The GPT helps in crafting responses to common patient inquiries, providing information on symptoms, treatments, and when to consider an endodontic consultation, thus improving patient communication and education.

4. Marketing Assistant:

  • It assists in creating promotional materials that members can use to attract and educate patients, thereby enhancing public outreach efforts and the visibility of endodontic practices.

Celebrate With Innovation

As we kick off Save Your Tooth Month, we invite all our members to utilize this innovative tool to enhance their practices and patient interactions. By integrating the Save Your Tooth Month GPT into your daily activities, you can not only save more teeth but also advance the public’s understanding of their dental health options.

We encourage all members to explore this new resource and start leveraging its benefits to maximize their Save Your Tooth Month campaigns. Please note: You will need to have a ChatGPT Plus account to access the GPT.

Join us in celebrating the role of endodontists as vital health care providers and utilize the Save Your Tooth Month GPT to boost your practice’s impact. Here’s to saving teeth and enhancing smiles across the nation!

For more information on how to make Save Your Tooth Month work for you, visit Let’s make this May a milestone in saving teeth!