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Endodontists Provide Free Root Canals at Seattle/King County Clinic

View of the main floor of the clinic where more than 100 restorative, 10 oral surgery and 25 hygiene chairs provided care for 10 hours a day.

Endodontists played a significant role in a recent Seattle/King County Clinic October 26-29, providing free dental, vision and medical care for people in need. More than 4,300 patients received an estimated $3.7 million in dental, vision and medical care at KeyArena in Seattle. Much of the care delivered was dental, ranging from prophylaxis to Cerac crowns to removable partial dentures.

AAE president-elect Dr. Patrick D. Taylor and AAE member Dr. Rita M. Lu were co-leads for two endodontics-dedicated vans where 12 local endodontists and two endodontic residents saw 110 patients, completing 78 root canals over four days. These services were much needed by a very appreciative audience. Teeth were saved, which ensured better smiles for the future and provided a base for further care. An important goal of the clinic was to provide information on available services through various public health venues in the area. The hope is that patients can find a “dental home” for basic services throughout the year.

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