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Future Focused: AAE Leads With Board Transformation Initiative

In last month’s edition of the Communiqué, we formally introduced you to our Board Transformation Initiative, the AAE’s critically important plan to increase the diversity and inclusion, as well as enhance the efficiency, of AAE’s Board, which has been proven possible after a great deal of research and insight into high-performing boards.

This month, we wish to further emphasize just how important your vote at the April 2021 General Assembly will be, and how to make sure you can register for the meeting in time.

Changes to the AAE Constitution and Bylaws, as outlined here and described in full at, will be voted on during the General Assembly at AAE21. Access to the General Assembly is included in AAE21 registrations for all AAE members, and access to the voting system will be granted to registered voting members. Members will be required to indicate their intent to attend the General Assembly during meeting registration and must register for the meeting by April 14, 2021.

In need of additional resources about our Board Transformation Initiative? Don’t miss our recent special bonus episode of Endo Voices, in which AAE President Dr. Alan H. Gluskin and President-Elect Dr. Alan S. Law dive into the background and importance of the initiative with host and District II Director Dr. Marcus D. Johnson.

Still have questions? We want to hear from you! Please contact to connect with us about the Board Transformation Initiative.

A Board that is disconnected from its membership in terms of key representational factors cannot be expected to adequately lead the organization into the future. No one understands this more than our Board itself, members of which have long identified increasing diversity and inclusion as a major goal. Our Board has long been invested in this endeavor, and now we just need the approval of our membership to set it into motion.

The high-performance board, like the high-performance team, is diverse, competent, collegial and focused. Such entities do not simply evolve; they must be constructed. This is why we have taken the time to put forth a detailed plan and framework that ensures continued diversity and efficiency, and sets us up for success – for the long term. Help ensure a flourishing future for our Association with your vote on April 23, 2021.