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JOE Editorial Board Announces 2020 JOE Award Winners

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Endodontics is excited to announce the winners of the 2020 JOE Awards. Awards are named in the following categories:

Basic Science: Biology
Basic Science: Technology
Case Reports/Clinical Techniques
Clinical Research
Regenerative Endodontics
Systematic and Scoping Reviews

Papers eligible for the award are those that represent significant advances in endodontics and adhere to the principles of the scientific method. Position papers and editorials are not considered for this award. Papers are judged based upon:

• Scientific merit and broad impact on dental research
• Relevance to endodontics
• Originality of research objectives and/or ideas presented
• Creativity of study design or uniqueness of approaches and concepts
• Validity of statistical and/or epidemiological methods
• Clarity of presentation

Nominations for the 2021 Awards will open this fall. Please stay tuned for more information, and take a moment to peruse the 2020 winners below:

Basic Science: Biology
H. Sasaki, H. Furusho, D. B. Rider, J. M. Dobeck, W. P. Kuo, A. Fujimura, S. Yoganathan, K. Hirai, S. Xu, K. Sasaki and P. Stashenko. Endodontic Infection-induced Inflammation Resembling Osteomyelitis of the Jaws in Toll-like Receptor 2/Interleukin 10 Double-knockout Mice. J Endod 2019;45:181-188.

Basic Science: Technology
A. Hashmi, R. N. S. Sodhi and A. Kishen. Interfacial Characterization of Dentin Conditioned with Chitosan Hydroxyapatite Precursor Nanocomplexes Using Time-of-flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry. J Endod 2019;45:1513-1521.

Case Reports: Clinical Techniques
G. Gambarini, M. Galli, L. V. Stefanelli, D. Di Nardo, A. Morese, M. Seracchiani, F. De Angelis, S. Di Carlo and L. Testarelli. Endodontic Microsurgery Using Dynamic Navigation System: A Case Report. J Endod 2019.

Clinical Research
M. Messing, L. C. Souza, F. Cavalla, K. K. Kookal, G. Rizzo, M. Walji, R. Silva and A. Letra. Investigating Potential Correlations between Endodontic Pathology and Cardiovascular Diseases Using Epidemiological and Genetic Approaches. J Endod 2019;45:104-110.

Regenerative Endodontics
H. Arslan, H. M. A. Ahmed, Y. Sahin, E. Doganay Yildiz, E. C. Gundogdu, Y. Guven and R. Khalilov. Regenerative Endodontic Procedures in Necrotic Mature Teeth with Periapical Radiolucencies: A Preliminary Randomized Clinical Study. J Endod 2019;45:863-872.

Systematic or Scoping Reviews
F. Elmsmari, X. F. Ruiz, Q. Miro, N. Feijoo-Pato, F. Duran-Sindreu and J. G. Olivieri. Outcome of Partial Pulpotomy in Cariously Exposed Posterior Permanent Teeth: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. J Endod 2019;45:1296-1306.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the award-winning papers, the following papers have been accorded honorable mention status:

Basic Research: Biology

M. de Campos Soriani Azevedo, T. P. Garlet, C. F. Francisconi, P. M. Colavite, A. P. Tabanez, J. L. Melchiades, A. P. Favaro Trombone, C. Sfeir, S. Little, R. M. Silva and G. P. Garlet. Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Immunoregulatory Role at the Periapex: Associative and Mechanistic Evidences from Human and Experimental Periapical Lesions. Journal 2019;45:1228-1236.

J.Zheng, Z. Wu, K. Niu, Y. Xie, X. Hu, J. Fu, D. Tian, K. Fu, B. Zhao, W. Kong, C. Sun and L. Wu. Microbiome of Deep Dentinal Caries from Reversible Pulpitis to Irreversible Pulpitis. Journal 2019;45:302-309 e1.

Basic Research: Technology

F. C. Li, S. Borkar, A. Ramachandran and A. Kishen. Novel Activated Microbubbles-based Strategy to Coat Nanoparticles on Root Canal Dentin: Fluid Dynamical Characterization. Journal 2019;45:797-802.

T. Ekert, J. Krois, L. Meinhold, K. Elhennawy, R. Emara, T. Golla and F. Schwendicke. Deep Learning for the Radiographic Detection of Apical Lesions. Journal 2019;45:917-922 e5.

Case Reports and Clinical Techniques

J. Buchgreitz, M. Buchgreitz and L. Bjorndal. Guided Endodontics Modified for Treating Molars by Using an Intracoronal Guide Technique. Journal 2019;45:818-823.

S. Asgary, M. Nourzadeh, P. Verma, M. L. Hicks and A. Nosrat. Vital Pulp Therapy as a Conservative Approach for Management of Invasive Cervical Root Resorption: A Case Series. Journal 2019;45:1161-1167.

Clinical Research

T. von Arx, S. S. Jensen, S. F. M. Janner, S. Hanni and M. M. Bornstein. A 10-year Follow-up Study of 119 Teeth Treated with Apical Surgery and Root-end Filling with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate. Journal 2019;45:394-401.

T. von Arx, S. F. M. Janner, S. Hanni and M. M. Bornstein. Radiographic Assessment of Bone Healing Using Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Scans 1 and 5 Years after Apical Surgery. Journal 2019;45:1307-1313.

Regenerative Endodontics

G. Meza, D. Urrejola, N. Saint Jean, C. Inostroza, V. Lopez, M. Khoury and C. Brizuela. Personalized Cell Therapy for Pulpitis Using Autologous Dental Pulp Stem Cells and Leukocyte Platelet-rich Fibrin: A Case Report. Journal 2019;45:144-149.

N. Meschi, P. Hilkens, G. Van Gorp, O. Strijbos, A. Mavridou, M. Cadenas de Llano Perula, I. Lambrichts, E. Verbeken and P. Lambrechts. Regenerative Endodontic Procedures Posttrauma: Immunohistologic Analysis of a Retrospective Series of Failed Cases. Journal 2019;45:427-434.

Systematic and Scoping Reviews

M. Zanjir, N. L. Lighvan, C. Yarascavitch, J. Beyene, P. S. Shah and A. Azarpazhooh. Efficacy and Safety of Pulpal Anesthesia Strategies during Endodontic Treatment of Permanent Mandibular Molars with Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis. Journal 2019;45:1435-1464 e10.

D. A. Decurcio, G. Rossi-Fedele, C. Estrela, S. J. Pulikkotil and V. Nagendrababu. Machine-assisted Agitation Reduces Postoperative Pain during Root Canal Treatment: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis from Randomized Clinical Trials. Journal 2019;45:387-393 e2.