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Mission Accomplished

The Foundation for Endodontics is pleased to announce that its 2016 – 2017 fundraising campaign has come to an end, and the Foundation has great news to report. Due to the hard work and dedication of many volunteers and donors, the Foundation exceeded its goal and raised $1,485,000! This campaign boasted the Foundation’s most aggressive goal to date, and this is truly a reason to celebrate our donors; none of this would be possible without their generosity. Thank you, for your commitment to supporting the Foundation’s recently expanded mission: to support endodontics by providing resources and funding for research, education, public awareness and access to care.

During the span of the year-long campaign, which ended on the last day of AAE17, the Foundation experienced an assortment of spotlight-worthy moments.

Post-Graduate Visits

Many post-graduate programs welcomed Foundation volunteers, dubbed Student Ambassadors, into their institution to speak on behalf of the Foundation. The role of these volunteers is to effectively educate and spread the message of the Foundation to residents during this integral step in their careers as endodontists. Ambassadors like Dr. Margot T. Kusienski dedicated many days and nights of travel to visit programs across the country; she served as a true road warrior for the organization. The strength of the Foundation is built upon volunteers like Dr. Kusienski. During her travels, she made quite an impact:

Dr. Kusienski’s Travel by the Numbers:

  • Number of programs visited: 19
  • Number of residents visited: 156
  • Number of nights in a hotel during campaign: 14
  • Dollars raised for the Foundation: Just over

In addition to thanking Student Ambassadors, the Foundation also recognizes our resident donors. Together, residents from across the nation contributed almost $1,000 to the 2016-17 fundraising goal. This total from resident donors is larger than any past campaign! The Foundation thanks you for your generosity and ability to prioritize the future of your specialty and philanthropy during this demanding and challenging time of your career.

U of P

Student Ambassadors, Drs.
Margot T. Kusienski and Daniella S. Peinado, visited University of the Pacific and Marquette University during the 2016 -2017 fundraising campaign, and all residents at each institution made a pledge to the Foundation!

Corporate Philanthropy

During the campaign, there was a surge of recommitment and new support from the endodontic industry.

Thanks to:

  • Aspen Dental
  • Brasseler USA
  • Dentsply Sirona
  • Edge Endo
  • Global Surgical

Your continued support of the Foundation ensures the specialty’s future success. We are thrilled to put your pledges to work for endodontic research, education and access to care. Long time donor, Dentsply Sirona has committed to an additional $1,000 which will be used to maximize goals of the Foundation’s current strategic plan. Currently, conversations are underway about methods in which these funds could benefit endodontic research support.

In addition, the increased pledge from Edge Endo will support another educator fellowship recipient. The 2017 Edge Endo Fellow will help the Foundation directly address the critical role that educators play in strengthening the specialty.
We commend Edge Endo for their attention to endo education.


Foundation President Dr. Peter A. Morgan and fundraising volunteer Dr. George T. Goodis take a moment for a quick photo with the 2016 Edge Endo Fellow Dr. Carla Y. Falcon and Edge Endo founder and owner Dr. Charles J. Goodis.


Many first-time corporate donors also made a pledge to the Foundation this year, proving their commitment to the field of endodontics.

Thanks to:

  • Henry Schein Cares
  • Pacific Dental Services, Inc.
  • Seiler Instrument and Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Your contribution has a direct impact on the specialty’s future growth and development!

Henry Schein Cares pledged $1,000 to directly support a new initiative of the Foundation, included in its expanded mission, access to care. The Foundation will implement both monetary and equipment contributions from Henry Schein Cares to execute a cobranded international outreach program. This program is dedicated to sending endodontists to communities where specialty treatment is not typically available and providing care at the highest level.

Overall, the 2016 – 2017 campaign gave the Foundation for Endodontics the opportunity to educate many new and returning donors on its expanded mission! The Foundation is energized about the new story it has to share and is optimistic for continued success in the future.

Thank you for your support in helping shape the future of endodontics.