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New Leadership Nominations

Nominations for a new slate of leadership were proposed at the 2017 AAE Nominating Committee meeting. The committee members met to recommend new leaders for the AAE,

AAE Foundation and American Board of Endodontics. Nominees for terms beginning in 2017 are listed below.

Thesewill be presented for a vote at the 2017 AAE General Assembly:

AAE Executive Committee


Garry L. Myers*

President-Elect Patrick E. Taylor*

Vice President Keith V. Krell

Secretary Alan H. Gluskin

Stefan I. Zweig

Immediate Past President Linda G. Levin*

Automatic, the president-elect automatically succeeds to president and the vice president to president-elect.

ABE Directors

James D. Johnson (one-year term)

Asgeir Sugurdsson

Melissa M. Drum

Fabricio B. Teixeira

American Association of Endodontists Foundation Trustees

Craig S. Hirschberg

Kirk A. Coury

Public Sector Representatives

Mary Condit

Kim Livesay

Mark Laramore

In addition, the following members were nominated by their respective districts to serve on the AAE Board of Directors for three-year terms beginning in 2017.

District I

Ali Behnia

District II

Richard L. Rubin

District III

William H. Rousseau

District VI

Joseph A. Petrino

District VII

Daniel J. Pierre

Members will approve the nominees by casting their votes at the 2017 General Assembly in New Orleans on Friday, April 28, 2017.