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AAE President Sends Letter to The New Yorker Editor in Response to “Fireworks Megastore” Cover

As a loyal subscriber, AAE President Dr. Craig Hirschberg found fault with the cover of the June 19 issue of The New Yorker, which implies that root canals are a problem not dissimilar from rising rent or climate change, rather than a painless solution to tooth decay. He wrote a letter to the editor on behalf of the association.
“[W]hile it’s true that no one necessarily wants to be in a situation where they need a root canal,” Dr. Hirschberg wrote, “the procedure itself helps millions find relief each year. My patients often tell me after treatment that they don’t understand what all the fuss was about.”
Dr. Hirschberg wove an educated argument between playful candor- both reflective of his personality- and ultimately asserted that the root canal deserves a better reputation than that of the Fireworks Megastore.
Read the full letter: Letter to The New Yorker