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Podcast Host Sounds Off on Endo Voices

Endo Voices is the AAE’s Contemporary Platform for Learning and Membership Engagement

By Marcus D. Johnson, D.D.S., MSD

AAE19 in Montréal -- the fourth annual meeting held outside of the U.S. in Canada -- was a unique meeting with an international tone. Suitably so, Montréal also witnessed the inaugural launch of AAE’s Endo Voices, an educational podcast centered on advancing the art and science of endodontics while promoting the highest standards of patient care. Staying up to date on the hottest topics and trends in endodontics can be challenging. Conferences provide a great forum for educational content, but conflicts in scheduling of courses as well as missing valuable time outside of the work environment can limit active participation. Endo Voices aims to mitigate such limitations and leverage membership engagement through modern media content while highlighting contemporary topics within endodontics framed through organic discussion with today’s experts.

The vast networks of social media connecting colleagues, savvy apps aiding in conference organization, planning and innovative presentations were all on display at AAE19! Endo Voices strategically taps into this cyber wave broadcasting on all major streaming programs easily accessible on your mobile phones. In this format the podcast provides an easily digestible form of information and lends to effective multi-tasking; a unique concept that should garner sincere appreciation as technology and communications continue to find ways to complement the busy work/life balance we have come to know as endodontists. With some studies suggesting that listening to audio content can result in greater retention of information than reading, a podcast geared to the AAE membership falls in accordance with a shifting educational landscape. (1)

The first episodes were recorded live on the exhibit floor at AAE19 in Montréal and will be published for listening in July. (Visit for more info, and be sure to download the app via the instructions at the bottom of this page!) With episodes set to release every month thereafter, listeners can expect to take a deep dive into content drawing from restorative driven endodontics, updates on trauma guidelines and regenerative endodontics, amongst many others. The conversations are grounded within an evidence-based understanding yet incorporate a fun and energetic tone for easy listening. This lighthearted candor is seamlessly illustrated during a discussion of the “Worth Saving” campaign when Mark Desrosiers, chair of the Public and Professionals Relations Committee and Kim FitzSimmons, AAE assistant executive director of marketing and communications, are pleasantly surprised by an impromptu cameo from AAE Past President Dr. Patrick Taylor! Another point of mention finds Dr. Bruno Azevedo, professor of radiology at University of Louisville School of Dentistry, beaming with delight as he takes us down memory lane detailing the paternal legacy of radiology that led him to his current status as a global authority on 3-dimensional imaging.

Moments like these are unexpectedly woven into the podcast's fabric as the personalities of the guests effortlessly gleam through against the backdrop of scholarly commentary, lending an authentic feel for the listener because the enthusiasm and passion of the topic resonate in a tangible space.

In Montréal, the Keynote speaker and self-proclaimed futurist, Mike Walsh, created an ever-evolving optimistic view for our future. He showed the crossroads where social discourse and exchange of health information and learning is rapidly changing, providing more effective and resourceful treatment planning that will push and redefine standards of care. In short, he proposed dialogue questioning what the future will bring will be halted by the stark reality of the statement …“The Future is now!” Walsh set a tone encouraging us to envision ever more creative ways to engage, share and learn through new social mediums simultaneously underscoring what technology even in its most advanced form can never define or imitate ... the human experience. Endo Voices aims to find relevance in that conversation.

  1. Brown, Steven Listening Myths: Applying Science Language Research to Classroom LearningMichigan ELT, 2011

Dr. Marcus D. Johnson is a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics. Dr. Johnson serves as the directing endodontist attending for the General Practice Residency at Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn and owns and operates a private office, City Endodontics PLLC, in midtown Manhattan. He values organized dentistry and is active at the local, state and national levels. Currently, he is vice president for the New York State Association of Endodontists and sits on the AAE's Public and Professional Relations Committee.

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