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Member Planning Guide

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Save Your Tooth Month

As a part of our Worth Saving intiative, we devoted the entire month of May to celebrate saving  natural teeth – and  to recognize the "savers" who make that possible: endodontists! As an AAE member, you play an important part in making a remarkable #SaveYourToothMonth possible.

How You Can Help

As highly skilled and specialized providers of dental care, you and your office team can help increase awareness around #SaveYourToothMonth and the value endodontists provide in saving natural teeth  by sharing the eample below posts on social media  and by utilizing AAE member resources!

Digital Ways to Get Involved

1. Share

Share a story on social media about what natural teeth means to patients. They're the gateway to our bodies and an overall sign of good health!

2. Follow

Follow the AAE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and engage with us online.

3. Tag

Use the hashtag #SaveYourToothMonth in your social posts.

4. Link

Boost your social media presence by with links to helpful and relevant content listed below.

Sample Social Media Posts

Does your practice have a Facebook page?

If not, use #SaveYourToothMonth to start one.

Along with having a practice website, social media can be a great way to reach out to your patients and referring dentists. Let the public know how your office is celebrating.

Here are a few example posts you can use on your page.

Have tooth pain? See the specialist in tooth pain, root canals and saving your natural teeth!  An endodontist.

It’s May which means it’s Save Your Tooth Month! What do you do to take care of your mouth and teeth?

Do you brush twice a day for 2 minutes? Do your kids? It’s Save Your Tooth Month! Take care of your teeth!

Check out this site for some endodontic facts! Let us know if you have any questions and Happy Save Your Tooth Month!

15 million root canals are performed each year in the U.S. That is a lot of natural teeth saved!

Printable Posters and More!

Download, print and start using the official posters and logos today! Post them in your practice reception area and patient rooms. Share with local hospitals, pharmacies, schools, businesses and government offices and encourage them to display the poster. Distribute to your referring dentists with a personalized letter for their use with patients.

Patient Friendly Videos

The AAE has professional patient education videos you can share with patients and referring dentists. The videos are located on our website and on our YouTube page. Link the videos to your practice website, share them on your social media pages, and show them to patients and colleagues.

Root Canal: Special Endodontist Unitaving Teeth

A fun, short video about the dedicated men and women who treat tooth pain and are a part of an elite group of root canal specialists known as endodontists!

Endodontists: the Specialists of Saving Teeth

Learn how endodontists' advanced training, specialized techniques and superior technologies mean you get the highest quality care.

Root Canals Aren't What They Used to Be

It’s not your grandfather’s root canal! Just like technology changes, so has root canal treatment.

Get Up To Speed on Today’s Root Canal

Learn how endodontists, the specialists in saving teeth, use advanced technology and expert training to reinvent modern root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Step by Step

This is an animated video demonstrating what happens during a root canal procedure while highlighting endodontists as the specialists in saving teeth.

Root Canal Retreatment Explained

This is animated and explains why a second root canal treatment is sometimes needed to save a tooth.

Endodontic Surgery

This video explains how endodontists perform surgery to treat an infection or abscess.

Root Canal Safety

Our Root Canal Safety video dispels myths about root canal treatment and explains how endodontists perform millions of safe, effective treatments every year.

Endodontists Put Root Canal Patients at Ease

This is a patient-focused video to help dispel the myths and unnecessary fears of root canals. It features interviews with patients and their endodontists.

Official Proclamations
in Your State!

Make #SaveYourToothMonth officially recognized in your state or city with a proclamation or resolution from your elected officials with these  three easy and simple steps!

  1. Use this website to help find the contact for your local officials.
  2. Send them a personalized version of this letter and enclose it with this sample proclamation!
  3. Plan to follow up with them with a phone call or email to their office to see if they received it, have any questions or plan to file the measure!
Save Your Tooth Month Iowa certificate
Save Your Tooth Month Illinois certificate

Worth Saving

Your Teeth are Worth Saving is AAE’s latest public awareness campaign. “Worth Saving” is meant to bring to life that, like your natural teeth, there are things, people and places that are worth revering.