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Tips for Working With Local News Media

Are you familiar with the AAE's Marketing the Endodontic Practice Part II: Patient Outreach book? Use this resource to help guide your outreach about Save Your Tooth Month to your local media. Contact newspapers, local bloggers, radio and television stations. Create a media list of the education and local interest/metro reporters and community calendar editors in your area, including reporters for daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations and websites. AAE public relations staff is also available to help you develop a targeted media list, access local calendar listings and pitch your story concisely and persuasively.

News Releases

Send a news release to your local media promoting your Save Your Tooth Month events. You can include the following information and use this sample to get you started:

  • Highlight activities and successes in your practice during the past year.
  • Give background information and details about your planned Save Your Tooth Month awareness activities
  • Include quotes from endodontists in your practice that describe your treatment philosophy and any special services you provide.
  • Talk about trends in satisfaction if you gather patient feedback, or ask a patient to provide a testimonial quote. (Remember all patient testimonials must be approved by the patient prior to dissemination).
  • Use the brief description about the AAE at the end of your release or create your own description about your practice.
  • Check out a sample release to help guide you here! 
  • Consult Marketing the Endodontic Practice Part II: Patient Outreach for more ideas.

Letters to the Editor

Most newspapers accept letters to the editor. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to promote Save Your Tooth Month and the activities your practice is hosting.

Use this sample letter to get you started. For a complete set of guidelines on writing a letter to the editor, please consult Marketing the Endodontic Practice Part II: Patient Outreach.

Calendar Listing

Submit a calendar listing of your event in your local newspaper. Calendar listings are designed to promote events in a “community calendar” without the full coverage of a news release.

Use this sample to promote activities in which your practice will take part during Save Your Tooth Month. Call your local newspaper prior to sending your listing to ensure you have the correct contact name and information. The calendar listing also may highlight specific events, such as an open house.

For additional samples and more information on how to write a calendar listing, consult Marketing the Endodontic Practice Part II: Patient Outreach

News Segment

Invite your local news station to visit your office to watch and tape you are performing root canal treatment while explaining to the public that root canal treatment does not cause pain but treats it. Make sure to have the patient sign a consent form before you proceed. Another option is to offer to go to the news station for an interview about endodontics and how the specialty focuses on root canal treatment and taking away pain.