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The Communiqué is distributed monthly via email to AAE members and supporters.

Its mission is to promote communication among AAE members, leaders of the AAE, ABE and AAE Foundation, and AAE affiliate organizations; encourage coordinated activities; inform the membership of developments in the endodontic specialty and dental profession; and raise awareness of AAE events, products and services. The AAE Membership Services Committee serves as the Communiqué Editorial Board.

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Latest Communiqué News

Did You Know? AAE Videos Explain Procedures and Promote Endodontic Expertise

The AAE’s patient education videos are excellent resources to help your patients understand endodontic procedures and the specialists who perform them. High-quality, 3-D animated videos explain what happens during root canal treatment, retreatment, endodontic surgery, and the diagnosis and treatment of cracked teeth. Additional videos illustrate advancements in endodontic training and technology and emphasize the safety of root canal treatment. Take advantage of this free member benefit by downloading the videos to use in your practice or institution, or embedding them in your website directly from the AAE’s YouTube channel.

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Dr. John I. Ingle to Receive Honorary Membership in the Canadian Academy of Endodontics

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the art and science of endodontics and in recognition of his long association with Canadian endodontics, the Canadian Academy of Endodontics is presenting John I. Ingle, D.D.S., M.S.D., with Honorary Membership.

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Headquarters Staff Update (June 2016)

The AAE Headquarters staff plays a vital role in serving AAE members and keeping the Association running smoothly. Recently, we’ve added new faces to the AAE team. Please feel free to call on staff for assistance whenever you need it!

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Endodontic Office Design: Integrating Technology

In last month’sCommuniqué, I discussed the importance of developing a plan before building or remodeling your endodontic office. It is equally important to consider your current and future technology needs. To successfully integrate various technologies, endodontists must give attention to not only to the positioning of the hardware components and devices, but their interconnectivity as well. Offices need to be planned so that the network of wiring and cables can be distributed easily throughout the facility.

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President’s Message: AAE Leadership Development: An Investment in Our Future

In a year when we are bombarded by news of candidates vying for the presidency of the United States, it seems appropriate to consider the meaning of leadership and what constitutes a great leader. It is a topic of great relevance and import to our Association since our future as a viable organization depends on our ability to identify and develop leaders today. Your Board of Directors has made leadership development a priority. I was interested to find that the subject has undergone extensive research both in the social and hard sciences. This is understandable since effective leadership is a global concern for businesses and organizations. After all, your leaders can take your group to stunning heights or bring you to a standstill!

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Online Marketing: 5 Things You Should Be Doing

Nearly every endodontist has a practice website. If this were 2006, that’s probably all you would need to do in the way of online marketing. But times change, and in today’s competitive economy, a website is now the bare minimum. In the past, many endodontists had a “set it and forget it” approach to their website. They worked hard to launch it, but basically ignored it once it went live. Endodontists of 2016 need to actively promote their practices online to build reputation and attract new patients. Here are five ways to improve your online presence.

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