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The Communiqué is distributed monthly via email to AAE members and supporters.

Its mission is to promote communication among AAE members, leaders of the AAE, ABE and AAE Foundation, and AAE affiliate organizations; encourage coordinated activities; inform the membership of developments in the endodontic specialty and dental profession; and raise awareness of AAE events, products and services. The AAE Membership Services Committee serves as the Communiqué Editorial Board.

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Latest Communiqué News

Reaching Into the Future

With a vested interest in young practitioners, the Foundation for Endodontics created the Resident Expert Advisory Committee, REACH, in 2015. The inaugural group met for the first time in summer 2015 with goals of facilitating stronger relationships between residents and the Foundation and helping the Foundation better serve and engage a new generation of specialists.

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Going Back to School

There are numerous professions, like our own, in which ongoing professional development is required. We have to keep learning and growing in order to continue practicing.

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District Director Nominees Announced for 2017 Election

The American Association of Endodontists proudly announces the district director candidates for the 2017-2020 term. Members will approve the nominees by casting their votes at the 2017 General Assembly in New Orleans, La., on Friday, April 28, 2017.

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Recognize Your Peers: Submit Nominations for the 2018 Awards

The AAE Honors and Awards Committee encourages you to recognize significant contributions to the specialty and community by submitting your nominations for 2018 awards, to be presented at AAE18 in Denver, April 25-28, 2018.

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AAE Digital Outreach by the Numbers – July 2016

Patients increasingly are turning to online sources for information about their health care and health providers, and the AAE has taken concerted steps to ensure those internet users have access to reliable, authoritative information.

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President’s Message: Do We Have an Identity Crisis?

How many times have you introduced yourself to a patient and been asked, “What exactly is an endodontist?” The question implies that they have come to your office for a complex dental procedure through blind trust in the individual who sent them rather than knowledge of your credentials and expertise. It also is testimony to an identity crisis from which most dental specialties suffer. The reality is that the public at large does not understand the dental specialty process or how a specialist differs from a primary dental care provider. Typically, an identity crisis is defined as a state of confusion in an organization regarding its constitution or direction – our crisis is that our patients and even some of our dental colleagues do not really understand who we are.

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