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The Communiqué is distributed monthly via email to AAE members and supporters.

Its mission is to promote communication among AAE members, leaders of the AAE, ABE and AAE Foundation, and AAE affiliate organizations; encourage coordinated activities; inform the membership of developments in the endodontic specialty and dental profession; and raise awareness of AAE events, products and services. The AAE Membership Services Committee serves as the Communiqué Editorial Board.

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Latest Communiqué News

The AAE Alliance Community

While AAE members at AAE16 were enjoying high-quality endodontic education, 70 of their guests were in Napa Valley enjoying a tour and tasting at a picturesque winery. The guest excursions are a memorable part of every annual meeting, and the AAE Alliance – a community of spouses, partners and supporters of AAE members – is the driving force behind those activities. In addition, the organization is a generous donor to the Foundation for Endodontics, contributing more than $1,000 over the past 20 years. AAE Alliance President Shelley Zucker and longtime volunteer Val Rossman shared their experiences as part of the Alliance.

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Dr. Karan Replogle Joins OHSU

Karan J. Replogle, D.D.S., M.S., is the new director of advanced specialty program in endodontics at the Oregon Health & Sciences University School of Dentistry, effective June 1, 2016.

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President’s Message: Endodontic Outcomes: Measuring Clinical Endodontic Success

As healthcare providers we interface with the public every day. Our conversations range from introductory niceties and diagnostic interrogations to discussions about treatment plans and outcomes. The last topic often evokes the question, “How long will my root canal treatment last?” It’s a valid question and the answer is often rife with contingencies and complexities that vary for each patient and each tooth. Yet, what has stood out to me in these conversations is the patient’s implicit impression that a root canal will last forever. Is that reasonable or even possible to predict reliably? Do patients ask the same questions of their restorative dentists about a composite restoration or crown? Is the reality that all dental work is temporary?

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The Importance of Engaging Your Patients on Mobile Devices

Over the last year and a half, there has been a dramatic shift in the way people access information on the internet. Searches on dental symptoms, research on providers and online patient registration have increased as the methods patients use to find information have become more accessible and convenient. The shift from desktop computing to mobile device platforms has altered the internet landscape, and hence, that of your online presence. Is your endodontic practice engaging visitors with a website that accommodates mobile, tablet and desktop devices? If not, you could be losing prospective patients.

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Foundation for Endodontics Spreads Message of Saving Teeth

Though the setting was a far cry from their clinics and practices, the goal was the same: save the teeth. In March, Drs. Daniella S. Peinado, Victoria J. Ball and Ryan B. McMahan visited the fishing village of Treasure Beach, Jamaica, on an access to care trip funded by the Foundation for Endodontics.

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CDT Codes D3331 and D2955: Use, Don’t Abuse

As chairman of the AAE’s Practice Affairs Committee, one of my responsibilities is responding to AAE member questions about dental claims. I also run my own endodontic practice, so I know firsthand the frustrations of dealing with dental insurance companies. In May, I had the opportunity to join AAE President Dr. Linda G. Levin and Immediate Past President Dr. Terryl A. Propper at the AAE’s biennial meeting with a group of 20 dental directors representing large dental insurers. The meeting was eye-opening on a number of levels.

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