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Stay Involved and Engaged Ahead of the 2022 General Assembly — and Beyond

“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Yes, that makes two Ben Franklin quotes in two President’s Messages in a row! And just as I offered more words from Mr. Franklin this month, please allow me to bring you some additional words about the Board Transformation Initiative as well.

This topic is so important that I wanted to take one more opportunity to underscore its importance and remind you that our proposed constitution and bylaws changes will be unveiled later this month. These changes arrive as a result of our iterative approach to include your input and feedback at the heart of our proposed changes.

As a reminder, if you were not present or have not yet listened to an AAE Town Hall recording, please do so – the recordings are located on our initiative’s webpage,

So, what’s next?

  • Stay Tuned for the Proposed Changes
    Our goal is to allow for a more efficient Board that is high-performing and varied in its expertise — in essence, a Board that better represents our membership. Our iterative approach factored in member feedback, which leaves us with a plan custom-built for you. Please look for the proposed changes in your email box in the coming weeks.
  • Get Involved
    I cannot emphasize enough the importance of your attendance at this year’s General Assembly, happening April 29, 2022, during AAE22. More details and precise logistics will be shared soon, but I encourage you to register for the meeting if you haven’t already, at
  • Stay Engaged!
    Lastly, let’s broaden this importance of staying involved in our General Assembly, past the task at hand. It’s such an important habit to get into, this idea of keeping up and showing up. Down the road, we’ll address multiple issues that will directly affect the future of the specialty, and in turn, each individual’s future as a specialist. By staying engaged and making General Assembly attendance a top priority, you can ensure you’ll never miss a beat.

I’ll close with a metaphor. As we pianists know, pianos need regular tuning to keep them up to pitch and playing the correct notes. I’d like to think our Board Transformation Initiative is a way for us to finetune our leadership structure in order to keep performing to our highest potential. So please stay tuned as we reveal these important proposed changes soon.