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Developing the Future of Endodontic Leadership

Leadership versus Management, I.Q. versus E.Q., creating culture through behavior. These topics were the subject of intense discussion in Chicago this March, as part of a one-day workshop which kicked off the AAE’s biennial Leadership Development Program. The program focuses on providing emerging leaders with: encouragement to engage with the AAE at various levels; skills to serve as volunteers, and eventually as leaders; and insight into the journey to leadership.

Ten emerging leaders were selected to participate in this year’s program, and represent a diverse cross-section of the AAE’s membership:

Poppy Blaseio, M.A., D.D.S.                                         Shawn M. Lafkowitz, D.M.D.
Brooke Blicher, D.M.D.                                                  Joan-Marie S. Manolakis, D.M.D.
Keith R. Boyer, D.D.S.                                                     Tory L. Silvestrin, D.D.S.
Lorel E. Burns, D.D.S.                                                      Mary J. Um, D.M.D.
Katherine A. Divine, D.D.S., M.S.                             Dentonio E. Worrell, D.D.S.

Mr. Darryl Harris of the Carroll-Keller Group served as the trainer for the program, benefiting the AAE with his wealth of experience in helping organizations and individuals improve their effectiveness.

The workshop covered broad topics of essential leadership characteristics and behaviors, as well as situational leadership and motivation.  Small groups discussions delved into topics such as management versus leadership and associated behaviors, as well as the importance of building upon and utilizing emotional intelligence. Attendees participated in a self-assessment to identify their personal leadership style composite and learned how to adjust their style to best address the situation at hand. Additionally, the group conducted exercises focused on problem analysis and how to effectively apply motivational strategy. Mr. Harris delivered this content in a relatable and dynamic fashion which engaged each participant and provided for a fun and entertaining experience for all.

The 2019 Leadership Development Program will continue beyond the March workshop by providing participants with continued activities, including web-based training, mentorship connections, and engagement opportunities.

The AAE thanks our volunteer Mentors and members of the Special Committee on Leadership Development:

Ali Behnia, D.M.D., M.S.

Tevyah J. Dines, D.M.D.

Carla Y. Falcon, D.M.D., M.D.S.

Ron C. Hill, D.D.S., M.S.D.

Marcus D. Johnson, D.D.S.

Michelle Mazur-Kary, D.D.S.

Maria C. Maranga, D.D.S.

Garry L. Myers, D.D.S.

View photos from the event!

A new web resource highlighting the road to leadership within the AAE was launched at the conference. Engage, Volunteer, and Lead: this model recognizes the importance of providing members at all stages of their careers with opportunities to get involved with the AAE. The first step in the road to leadership is for members to engage – we encourage all members to seek involvement at this level. After gaining exposure at the engagement level, volunteering is the next step for members to share their talents with the AAE. Leadership is the third level of this model – before taking on a leadership role, members will have already built a solid foundation through engagement and volunteerism.