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Announcing the Winners of the 2019 JOE Awards

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Endodontics is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 JOE Awards, recognizing the best articles published in JOE during the 2018 calendar year. Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations, and to all of the authors who published their work in the JOE this year. Your contributions keep our specialty strong!

The winning papers represent significant advances in endodontics, and were selected for their scientific merit and broad impact on dental research; originality of research objectives and ideas presented; creativity of study design and uniqueness of approaches and concepts; validity of statistical and/or epidemiological methods; and clarity of presentation.

The AAE proudly recognizes JOE Publication Award recipients and continues the tradition of honoring the achievements and contributions of these individuals to the specialty of endodontics.

2019 Award Recipients

Basic Science: Biology
Widmer, C., J. Skutas, C. Easson, J. V. Lopez, C. Torneck, M. Flax and T. C. Sayin . Culture-independent Characterization of the Microbiome of Healthy Pulp. Journal of endodontics 2018;44(7):1132-1139 e1132.

Basic Science: Technology Alovisi, M., D. Pasqualini, E. Musso, E. Bobbio, C. Giuliano, D. Mancino, N. Scotti and E. Berutti. Influence of Contracted Endodontic Access on Root Canal Geometry: An In Vitro Study. Journal of endodontics 2018;44(4):614-620.

Case Reports: Clinical Techniques
Giacomino CM, Ray JJ, Wealleans JA. Targeted Endodontic Microsurgery: A Novel Approach to Anatomically Challenging Scenarios Using 3-dimensional-printed Guides and Trephine Burs-A Report of 3 Cases. Journal of endodontics 2018;44(4):671-677.

Clinical Research
Krell KV, Caplan DJ. 12-month Success of Cracked Teeth Treated with Orthograde Root Canal Treatment. Journal of endodontics 2018;44(4):543-548.

Regenerative Endodontics
Liang, Z., S. Kawano, W. Chen, M. S. Sadrkhani, C. Lee, E. Kim, A. Moshaverinia, R. H. Kim and M. K. Kang. Minced Pulp as Source of Pulpal Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Odontogenic Differentiation Capacity. Journal of endodontics 2018;44(1):80-86.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the award-winning papers, the following papers have been accorded honorable mention status: