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Nominating Committees Announce New Leadership Slate

Nominations for a new slate of leadership to take office in 2021 have been proposed by the AAE and ABE Nominating Committees. AAE Nominating Committee members, Drs. Garry L. Myers, chair, Keith V. Krell, AAE immediate past president; and Patrick E. Taylor, AAE past president, together with District Directors Kirk A. Coury and Kenneth B. Wiltbank, met to recommend new leaders for the AAE and AAE Foundation. The ABE Board of Directors met to recommend new leaders for the ABE. Nominees for terms beginning in 2021 are listed below.

Additional nominations may be made in writing by Active and Life members. Such nominations must be accompanied by a petition that includes the printed names and signatures of 50 voting members, and must be received by AAE Secretary Craig S. Hirschberg, care of AAE Headquarters, no later than March 23, 2021.

AAE Executive Committee

President                                 Alan S. Law*

President-Elect                       Stefan I. Zweig*

Vice President                         Craig. S. Hirschberg*

Secretary                                 Natasha M. Flake

Treasurer                                 Steven J. Katz

Immediate Past President       Alan H. Gluskin*

*Automatic, the president-elect automatically succeeds to president and the vice president to president-elect.

ABE Directors


President                     Brian E. Bergeron

Vice President             Melissa M. Drum

Secretary                     Bradford R. Johnson

Treasurer                     Kent A. Sabey


Sami M. Chogle

Bradford R. Johnson

Meetu R. Kohli

Neville J. McDonald

Foundation for Endodontics


Tom T. Borgia

Ryan B. McMahan

Public Sector Representatives

Tom von Sydow

John Ferone

Scott Fehrs

In addition, the following members were nominated by their respective districts to serve on the AAE Board of Directors for three-year terms beginning in 2021.

District I

Nominee: Judy McIntyre, Franklin, MA

Nominating Committee Chair: Louis Rossman, Philadelphia, PA

District III

Nominee: William D. Stanley, Greensboro, NC

Nominating Committee Chair: Bradley M. Harris, Memphis, TN

District IV

Nominees: Susan B. Paurazas, Rochester Hills, MI

Nominating Committee Chair: Gerald C. Dietz, Jr., Bloomfield Hills, MI

District V

Nominee: Bradley H. Gettleman, Glendale, AZ

Nominating Committee Chair: Mbachan Okwen, The Woodlands, TX

District VII

Nominee: Janice C. Chou, Newport Beach, CA

Nominating Committee Chair:  Nava Fathi, San Jose, CA

Members will approve the nominees by casting their votes at the 2021 General Assembly in Atlanta, on Friday, April 23, 2021.